Fasting & Soul of Intellect

Fasting & Soul of Intellect - REV 4  

21 July 2013


Every now and then we see various approaches made by businessmen for controlling our weight; but in all those approaches one important parameter is missing and that parameter is the very powerful soul of intellect that we all have but do not have the knowledge on how to use it; as it is this soul that among other things could guide us on how to have a healthy body; and a body which is in proper form and shape by proper fasting.  

The materials listed below first outlines the Hypothesis behind the proposal presented in this Article (see Part I) simply explaining on “how to make the best use of fasting”; while in Part II the extraordinary outcome of the application of this Hypothesis is shown; that is, the attached blood test results indicate that over one month the LDL (Bad) Cholesteroldrop from 6.8 to 5.0.

Part I: The Hypothesis

How to make the best use of fasting

He loves us, and it is because of this love that He ordained for fasting; as by doing this we get access to its benefits.

Therefore, I fast because He has ordained me to fast. He wants me to experience thirst and hunger on every day of the month of Ramazan. So I minimize my daily food input to better feel hunger and thirst. 

I am sure that most of those whom love Him, if were also aware of the above simple concept (that one of many aspects of fasting that He ordained is to taste thirst & Hunger); then rather than eating excessive food over the period starting from Maghreb (sunset) ending in Fajr (the beginning of dawn) to minimize their hunger and thirst would do otherwise. 

The benefits of this concept could further be achieved (in other months of the year) if we also follow this Divine Ordain which is: "to stop eating before we feel satisfied". 

Is it not true that I am me; I am what is called "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"; or I am the one that is called "soul of intellect"?

Is it then not true that I ("Roohe Aghlani") during the time that I was in "Alame Arvah - The world of Spirits"; where every being had only two characteristics: i) Existence, and ii) Intellect had no access to a body to act and leave any deeds behind?

Is it not true that I was granted leave by Allah swt to descend down to planet Earth and enjoy the use of this sophisticated body {already equipped with "Roohe Haivani" - the same souls that all animals have (that is, a combination of soul of body, soul of desire, and soul of power)} that under His guidance not only I control this body but also control this "Roohe Haivani" (a soul which stronger than a "Wild Horse" that needs a strong master {"nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"} to train it and make the proper use of it; otherwise it could put the "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani" under its chains)?

Is it not true that this soul ("Roohe Haivani") is a complex soul that its components are Soul of Body (doing all automatic body functions); Soul of Power (looking for food, a place to live, defending its territory); and Soul of Desire (desire to sex, desire to eat, desire to drink, desire to rest)?

Is it not true that if I {that is, "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"} get released from the chains of "Roohe Haivani" then I would become that powerful that it could stop a moving train just by moving my finger?

Why not to go to extremes 

Is it then not true that in putting our bodies under hardship we should follow His divine laws that are available to us through His Living Proof on Earth?

Is it then not true that if we go to extremes {in putting our bodies under hardship} same as what Sufis, Orafa, Mortazin do {that is, they are all aware of all the above-mentioned facts and most of them go to the extremes}, then we would suffer from its consequences?

In other words, is it then not true that most Sufis, Orafa, Mortazin by putting their bodies under severe hardship although might be able to release their "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani" from the chains of ("Roohe Haivani") but they will be a losers?

There are two possible scenarios for those whom go to extremes: 

  1. An Aref, Sufi or Mortaz might spend his whole life in extreme hardship and not reach to the stage of achieving this type of powers {stop a moving train just by moving his finger}; so he has lost his life without having any enjoyment and without achieving anything.
  2.  He might achieve this sort of powers; so then what; is it not then true that this person faces a new danger; and the danger is this that he becomes so proud of himself to the effect that he would feel that he is so great that it is OK to even cut his relationship with Allah swt and pays no attention to Masoomin. For example, when a person has no power and is in need it approach Him and His Living Proof on Earth for assistance; but when it feels that it has something; the proud that comes with this ownership makes him / her to feel independent; while this "KEBRIAEIYAT" only belongs to Him and no one else; therefore it is not wise to go to extremes.   

The greatest achievement    

On the other-hand, if a person rather than practising the above extremes; enjoys life under the guidance of His living proof of Allah swt; then the love and light that it would feel deep in its heart causes him/her not only to be submitted to Him and His Living Proof of God but also devotes all it has to assist to end the occultation of Imam Mahdi; without showing any interest to have any of the above-mentioned worldly powers; as it is well aware that even if it loses its life (as a normal death) while serving Imam Mahdi; he will be one of Shohada; whom not only will have and eternal life and therefore not dead but also will receive sustenance from Allah swt on a continuous basis; and this achievement is not comparable to any worldly powers.  

Sharing Knowledge

This strength; that is, the strength of "Roohe Aghlani" will reach its maximum, if we (as "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani") do opposite to what "Roohe Haivani" dictates us to do; say when its sends the hunger or thirst signals to  our brain we remain patient for a short time and then eat or drink to a certain limit (which is to stop before feeling satisfied); or when "Roohe Aghlani" asks for revenge, we practice forgive and forget; when "Roohe Aghlani" tempts us to approach Haram (eating or drinking Haram Food, practising Haram Sex, or approaching Haram Wealth, ...) we remain patient and stay in the right path; or when "Roohe Haivani" tempt us to waste our very valuable time {that was granted to us to staying in this world} we go to extreme, that is, rather than we spend this valuable time for His sake to assist His living Proof on earth... we waste it by being deeply involved in development / construction works on planet Earth which is like building our houses over a bridge) to gain more wealth / comfort; 

In  other  words, control of  this  "Roohe Haivani"  which  is  like the control of  a  wild horse (أسب سركش) has many aspects among them having patience; when reacting to people's wrong doing; that is, before anything else remembering forgiving and forgetting. 

 امام سجاد عليه السلام در زمان وصيت به حضرت امام محمد باقر عليه السلام مي فرمايند : پسرم گوش كن وصيتي را كه پدرم در زمان وداع با من در روز عاشورا فرمودند و من هم به تو مي گويم

بترس از ظلم به كسي كه جز خداوند فرياد رسي ندارد

This might well refer to those whom are much satisfied of what He has granted them and are thankful to Him for all His blessings and spent all they have (life and assets) for His sake to expedite the return of Imam Mahdi, and have no helper beside Him.

Then, when Khannas hurt their feelings by the way of showing disrespect to them or insulting them or stealing their assets or making them house arrest, ... what they do is to seek His help by saying: "O' Lord I only praise You and have no helper besides You, I seek Your help to remove this misfortune and in the mean time You will find me to be one of the patient ones".

Being His Guest

Those whom start their days by fasting are in fact starting their days while getting themselves released from chains that were tying them to all worldly restraints; that is, they escape from all restrains caused by their “Roohe Haivani” and it would then be the “Roohe Aghlani” {which is nothing but Intellect} that will be the Governing Authority over their bodies.

And by doing so, they walk into a domain in which their host is the Almighty God.

Is it not true that it is all about the attitude; that is, the submitted ones willingly enter into fasting to taste hunger and thirst, because it is His will that this fasting takes place; and at the end of fasting they would be pleased of being able to make Him pleased?

In other words, in their view every wave of hunger and thirst rather than being signs of discomfort and suffering are in fact signs of His blessings that bring both moral and physical health and fitness to them. 

Retuning Love with Love

In return of His great love and mercies towards all of us (among them the great gift of life); submitted people to Allah swt not only feel no pain and suffering when sacrificing all they have for the wellbeing of His Living Proof on Earth (Imam Mahdi) but also (because of their love to Him) do it all with willingness and with great pleasure.

Because fasting is also His ordain; in order to keep Him satisfied, the submitted ones willingly appreciate and receive all the waves of hunger and thirst that could be caused by fasting; as they are of the view that these waves are coming to them from the One whom is in love with them and therefore, those waves are nothing but mercies form Him.

Is this not true that those waves of hunger and thirst do also increase the Authority of their “Souls of Intellect” over their bodies (while brining health and fitness with themselves)?

Part II: Test Results

The blood test results shown below confirm the effectiveness of the above-mentioned Hypothesis in bringing the LDL (Bad) Cholesterol Level down from 6.8 to 5.0 within the period of 13.06.13 to 12.07.13.

Part III: Concluding Remarks

Satisfaction and Health

Why rather than paying attention to the satisfaction of "Roohe Haivani" that does not have the intellect to also take into account the wellbeing of our health, and its existence is merely for the satisfaction of our emotions, finding sustenance, performing our automatic body functions, and defending our territories, we focus on the satisfaction of the requirements of "Roohe Aghlani" that among things that are in its priority list are both our physical and moral health?

In other words, why rather than continuing eating and drinking until our "Roohe Haivani" gets satisfied; we follow the instructions of "Roohe Aghlani" by stopping eating and drinking before getting satisfied.


By Dr Masood Falamaki      



وَقَالَ لِلَّذِى ظَنَّ أَنَّهُۥ نَاجٍ مِّنْهُمَا ٱذْكُرْنِى عِندَ رَبِّكَ فَأَنسَىٰهُ ٱلشَّيْطَٰنُ ذِكْرَ رَبِّهِۦ فَلَبِثَ فِى ٱلسِّجْنِ بِضْعَ سِنِينَ (12:42)
Joseph asked the one, whom he knew would not be executed, to mention his case to his Lord. Satan caused that man to forget all about Joseph and his case. Thus, Joseph remained in prison for some years.